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was created earlier this year.  Here is our journey; how we got started in the supplement business.

Back in March of 2019 our CEO / Founder was in a terrible car accident in which he was seriously injured.   Due to the current opiate crises. the hospital only gave him 5 days worth of pain medication.  Once he ran out,  nobody would prescribe any type of pain medication to help him through his painful recovery.  With Mr. Anderson not  able to work or do many physical activities, he began to research natural, organic, alternative ways to help reduce his pain.  Mr. Anderson spent a significant amount  of time researching different plants and roots, taking extensive notes on benefits and side effects recounted in Herbalist books, publications, and old medical journals. 

Mr. Anderson

then invested in several natural plant based powders from various sources.  He carefully logged all his ingredients and mixtures by the mg, and took extensive notes of measurements and combinations. He ordered a variety of packaging options.  Mr. Anderson then needed a way to test these various supplements safely and since he was in great pain, Mr. Anderson himself began taking his supplements.  He compiled and recorded his reactions at regular intervals and continues to do so.

Mr. Anderson

found that the supplement he had created worked well for him. He then started ordering other, different kinds of natural herbs and created an entire line of supplements. He has personally tested all them.   Mr. Anderson realized that these supplements he had created might help others, so he told a few of his very close friends he had been creating natural supplements that may or may not help with the pain.  Many people, in a great deal of pain from various sources, were excited to help with this research.  Mr. Anderson keeps extensive records of their results and length of relief times.  All were extremely pleased with their results!  Not only were pain symptoms diminished and mobility increased, no one experienced any ill side effects!

Mr. Anderson now had over 120 testers of his supplements including his mother, but that wasn’t enough.  He has sent his supplements in to a professional lab for testing, ensuring everything is completely safe. 

Now, I know most of you will be asking, so let me clarify something right off the bat.  If you’re asking if Mr. Anderson is a certified or licensed herbalist… there is no such thing as one in the United States.  “As such, herbalists who claim to be “certified” are unnecessarily misleading the public, who,  for the most part, assume that there must be a certification process leading to that title. Ethics are central in an unregulated field.” 


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CEO / Founder of AMA Works Inc.

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